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17/01/2014, 21:25
1. Check out our category of "Weekly Specials" to see our special offers this week.   2. By popular demand and your vote we now offer most all jigs in...


Welcome to Custom Crappie Jigs

I make the only highest quality hand-tied custom crappie Jigs here in Texas just North of Houston, Texas using only #4 Matzuo sickle hooks because we feel they catch more fish.

My crappie jigs catch crappie all over the United States of America. I  have developed a passion for crappie fishing with jigs and every jig I offer for sale has been tested thoroughly to consistently catch crappie and stand up to the abuse we fishermen put our lures through. I have my favorites to use during certain weather conditions.

I've sold my crappie jigs from the east coast to the west coast and all points in between and have received a lot of special requests and suggestions that have helped me fine tune my jigs and colors. We actually sell as many jigs out of state as we do locally here in Texas. 

My Crappie Jigs are the best quality jigs you will find anywhere because I will not make anything less. If your jig you bought from me comes apart due to bad materials or workmanship send me a picture of the jig and I will replace it at no cost to you. In some cases you may not have the damaged jig such as if the hook eye breaks and I trust you to be honest with me.  

I am an avid crappie fisherman and have a perspective on what works and what doesn't. We design custom crappie jigs to fit crappie fishing situations on any body of water or weather conditions.  That's why we take into consideration the color combinations of the lures and what color will  accommodate which type of water you are fishing in.

Catching a fish on a hand-tied crappie jig makes crappie fishing more enjoyable and more satisfying. Once you have caught crappie on a hand-tied jig you may never buy minnows again. I haven't used minnows in years, and many of my die hard crappie fishing friends agree. We catch more crappie on jigs than most people do on minnows anyway, so it makes sense to just fish with jigs.  

When a crappie bites your minnow you have to reel it up and check the bait and put it back which is time out of the "bite zone" or productive waters. The same applies on plastics because when you get a thump you have to pull it up and re adjust the plastic. On a jig you set the hook and have a fish on or leave it in the "bite zone" for another, so you are actually spending more time in the productive water still fishing instead of baiting hooks.  

Our #1 seller!

 When you compare my jigs to my competition, the first thing you will notice is our hand-tied crappie jigs have a fuller body because we use chenille all the way back to the first bend in the sickle hook and our competition only ties the chenille about 1/2" from the head making a smaller offering to the crappie. We really believe that the way we design ours (to give a larger bait presentation) is why we catch bigger fish. We do use more materials this way but it simply works (period). We also cure all our powder coated painted jig heads to last longer and most jig makers do not. It has also been known to catch all species of fish such as black bass,  catfish, carp, perch and all fresh water fish.